High School for Health Professions and Human Services

Principal’s Message:

Dear HPHS Families,

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in your child’s journey toward a high school diploma. We strongly believe that your child is taking the first steps on the road to college. Your child’s college journey is an eight-year one and we will be here to help your child. We want our students to leave Health Professions academically prepared. We want your child to be a proficient thinker and a problem solver. Your child will be challenged in all of his/her classes with an array of information from multiple sources. We want your child to leave our school culturally aware that the world is small and that we are dependent on one another. As a social studies teacher, I want your children to leave The High School for Health Professions & Human Services aware of world events and global dynamics. They will need to understand multiple perspectives in international issues and global debates to be informed citizens. We will help our students accomplish this through the development and support of healthy, positive, respectful relationships between the staff of Health Professions & Human Services and our families. In conclusion, I look forward to the next four years working together, helping, and supporting our students on this part of their life’s

Robert A. Gentile

Mission & Vision Statement:

We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment at the high school for health professions and human services. We prepare our students to enter higher education and the world of health care by maintaining challenging academic standards and integrating education into professional settings so that they acquire scientific knowledge, ethics, integrity and compassion.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

Students are placed in heterogeneous classes, where they collaborate and learn from each other. The interdisciplinary, thematic curriculum is hands-on, project-based, and provides students with opportunities to learn about and understand how our interdependent global community functions and interacts. The curriculum focuses on particular themes, which allow for critical thinking and understanding in depth. Extended class time enables students to actively engage in project based learning activities and assures for more time on task.

Our curriculum is aligned with the New York State Standards. Students will be well prepared to pass Regents Examinations required for graduating with an Advanced Regents Diploma and for continuing their education. The preparation and rigorous instructional program will prepare all students to meet and surpass graduation requirements.

Belief Statement:

  • We value each individual. We believe one person can make a difference.
  • We value the process of learning. We believe knowledge is power and the journey is the reward.
  • We believe that each member of our learning community is vital to our success. We value the diverse contributions of each member of our learning community. We believe people learn best from each other in heterogeneous, collaborative groupings.
  • We value the differences and similarities of the human spirit and the people of the world. We believe that we are all linked in some way.
  • We value effective communication and creative problem solving skills. We believe in the importance of understanding each other and our world.
  • We value challenges. We believe that anything worth doing requires passion, persistence, commitment, calculated risk-taking and creativity.
  • We value respect, responsibility, reflective thinking, accountability, flexibility, kindness, resourcefulness, generosity and integrity. We believe in moral and ethical behavior.
  • We value a supportive, caring and safe environment. We believe in multiple perspectives for all of our students.
  • We value our local and global communities. We believe in embracing our responsibilities as contributing members to our communities through responsible and informed decision making and through community service.
  • We value a community of practice.
  • We believe collectively that every child will succeed.